Perchè WordPress è uno dei migliori strumenti web del momento (articolo in inglese)

WordPress è una applicazione web nata per la pubblicazione di blog.

Nonostante la sua giovane età raccoglie appassionati ormai da ogni parte del mondo e molti addetti ai lavori la considerano il miglior prodotto sul mercato.

Il miglior prodotto al miglior prezzo visto che nella miglior tradizione del software libero è possibile scaricarlo e provarlo gratuitamente. La principale caratteristica di questo strumento di autopubblicazione web però non è la sua economicità ma un mix di fattori che lo rendono unico e che trovate ben riassunti in questo articolo.

Ecco infatti cosa ne pensa Medialoper, una pubblicazione dedicata a rendere i mezzi digitali sicuri per tutti i consumatori.

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Friday August 25, 2006

That’s What I Like: WordPress

started publishing content on the web sometime after Tim Berners-Lee
invented HTML and just before Marc Andreessen created Netscape. Over
the years I’ve worked with a lot of different web publishing tools.
Most of those publishing tools suck.

WordPress doesn’t suck. In fact, WordPress doesn’t even make me
swear. That’s the highest compliment I can give any piece of software.

WordPress democratizes the process of publishing on the Web. That makes it a Long Tail enabler.

I’ve lost track of the number of website’s I’ve published with
WordPress. It’s such a flexible tool that it’s become my first choice,
even for simple prototypes. Part of the reason is that WordPress is so
simple to install and maintain that I know I won’t ever regret using
it. Then again, I also know that WordPress is sufficiently flexible
that I can make it do almost anything I need it to.

True, it’s not a good fit for more traditional websites that require
a deep hierarchy of information. That’s OK. When I need a tool to
manage that type of website there are plenty that I can choose from.
Unfortunately, most of them suck.

Here are a few things I REALLY like about WordPress:

  • It’s simple enough for a beginner, yet robust enough for a power user.
  • It has an extremely flexible templating system that puts some larger content management systems to shame.
  • The WordPress community is immense, creative, helpful, and friendly.
  • There are a huge number of community-created themes available. Many
    are extremely professional. It’s actually difficult to make WordPress
    look bad. Surprisingly, that can occasionally be a disadvantage.
  • WordPress has plug-ins galore. If WordPress doesn’t do something
    you want it to out of the box, there’s a good chance someone has
    created a plug-in to solve your problem.
  • Akismet is shaping up to be the ultimate blog spam killer. As a result, we can all go back to having conversations on our blogs.

If you’re curious to try WordPress out, you can setup a free account on If you’ve got your own server you can download the source code from Don’t worry, installation won’t kill you. The legendary 5 minute install is the real deal.

The whole Medialoper team owes a debt of gratitude to Matt Mullenweg and the rest of the WordPress team for creating and maintaining a great publishing tool.

So Thanks!

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